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Part#: SP322116. Model #: EF116 WHS.
Whole House System. For Town Water.
Greater Flow Rate, Capacity and Pressure.
A great-tasting alternative to bottled water!
Effectively Reduces: Chlorine, Taste and Odor,
Chemicals, Cysts/Parasites, Dirt, Rust, Coarse/Fine Sediment,
Fibers, Mold, Algae, Particles 1/2 micron in size and larger.
Scale Stabilizer™ reduces Scale buildup.
Reduces Corrosion of pipes.
Reduces Iron stains.
Leaves in Minerals and Fluoride.
Hardness minerals are maintained in the water, however, their ability to form scale is reduced.
Features a combination of technologies to offer fine filtration, high flow rate and long life.
                                                                                                             Dimensions in inches: 29 H x 40 W x 9 D

Provides Premium Quality Water throughout your entire home for Drinking, Cooking, Coffee, Juices, Rinsing Vegetables and Fruits, Ice Cubes, Showering, Bathing, Laundry, etc. Reduces the Chlorine that can give the water an off taste, be breathed in, absorbed through your skin, dry your skin and damage/discolor your hair. Reduces Cysts/Parasites that may be in your water and are resistant to Chlorine. Reduces Dirt and Rust particles and Fibers from degrading distribution piping.
Scale Stabilizer™ reduces the white/gray stains of Scale buildup, reduces blue/green stains caused by the water leaching metals and corroding your pipes, and reduces orange/brown stains caused by iron, which can dry your skin and damage/discolor your hair. Reduces Scale buildup and stains on fixtures, ice makers, dishwashers, glasses and hot water heaters. Helps any water-using appliance that heats or chills water work more efficiently. Helps your water-using appliances and fixtures last longer. Helps your clothes last longer and reduces the amount of laundry, cleaning and skin care products used, saving you time and money.

Savings can average $1,500 per year for your family!

High-Flow, Low Pressure-drop System. Annual cartridge change.

Minimum Pressure: 40 PSI.  Maximum Pressure: 70 PSI.
Minimum Temperature: 40º F.  Maximum Temperature: 100º F.
Minimum Backwash Rate: System does not backwash. No Drain needed.
Inlet/Outlet: 1". 
Dimensions in inches: 29 H x 40 W x 9 D.
Warranty: 1 year.
Installs in your basement. Bypass outside spigots and sprinkler system.
Rated Capacity: 60,000 gallons.  Service Flow Rate: 12 gpm. Peak Flow Rate: 20 gpm.
SP322116 EF116 WHS System List: $1,599.99 (Includes initial set of cartridges.)

NEWSCO POB 3303 Nashua, NH 03061  Ph: 603-881-5427
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